Nur Translation Office, by prioritizing customer satisfaction, has adopted the principle of keeping customer information confidential as a company principle.
Nur Translation Office does not, under the framework of commercial and human morals, share customer information with third parties individuals or companies.
Nur Translation Office commits to signing a mutual confidentiality agreement with your company or yourself upon request.
From the moment you begin working with Nur Translation Office, all your commercial activities, particularly your notary public sworn translations or sworn translation transactions, your information, any document or documents to be translated belonging to your company or yourself are considered trade or personal secrets.
Nur Translation Office does not archive commercial or personal documents. Following delivery of the work, it is irreversibly destroyed. The same is valid for notary public certified sworn translation or sworn translation work submitted in a digital environment.


Our translation fees vary according to the language of translation and the type of document.
Nur Translation & Interpreting, carries out pricing in accordance with the 492 numbered Fees Act.
By law, a document written on an A4 sheet in size 12 font, consisting of 20 (twenty) lines, is accepted as a single page.
A one page document, when prepared by computer, comes to approximately 1000 characters or 140 – 180 words.
Pricing is done not on the original document, but on the target language.
• Translation fees do not include notary public fees.
• Notary fees are charged separately by the relevant notary public.
• A discount may be offered on multiple pages of translation.
For translation – translation rates, sworn translation – translation rates, notary public sworn translation – translation rates, general and technical written translation, please contact us via the above number or by e-mail.

Catalog Brochure Translation

Nur Translation Office offers careful translation of all printed documents such as brochures, catalogs, user guides, product boxes, technical guides, posters to all languages.
The most important factor when translating Graphics and Print is not disrupting the design.
Nur Translation Bureau; without disturbing the original design, delivers the material while preserving the design as much as possible, with only text translation.

Cassette CD Transcription & Translation

Nur Translation Office, offers services for the translation of records taken with recording devices when note taking is required, their transcription and translation into the desired language.
Transcription translation, in a more general sense of the word; is the transcription of multimedia content of conferences, meetings, seminars, advertising, promotion, film, documentaries recorded in cd, vcd, dvd and divx formats by language experts and its translation within the studio environment.
For rapid, trouble free and precise transcription services, contact Nur Translation Office.

Website Translation

According to research; the rate of trust in a web site which people can read in their own languages and the rate of working with the website owners, is four times higher than those not offering that facility.
» Over a billion people have access to web sites written in languages other than Turkish.
» Over fifty percent of web users speak a language other than English and Turkish.
» In the event a website is in their own language, visitors spend a greater amount of time on the website. (website return rate – visit duration is increased)
When these factors are examined, for companies that want to expand into the world, website translation is a requirement. When considering that English, French, German, Arabic and Chinese are the most widespread spoken languages in the world, the translation of websites into these languages is no longer a need but a requirement.
Nur Translation Office, with its expert staff, is the correct choice for the accurate translation of web sites into any desired target language.

Technical Translation

Technical translations, are the translations of documents and articles prepared in the fields of mechanics, construction, chemistry, agriculture, architecture etc., containing technical information and terms. Technical translation is more difficult in comparison with other translations. As small errors can lead to a change of meaning and the emergence of a text which cannot be understood, an experienced staff is highly important in technical translations and all technical translation work. Nur Translation Office, with a staff familiar with specialist and technical terms, offers technical translation services in all languages and fields.
We provide translation services in a number of areas:
» User manual translations
» Technical Service Training Booklets translations
» Maintenance and Repair Manual and Guides translations
» Tender Document translations
» Device Booklets translations
» Catalog translations
» Proposal Document translations
» Engineering Document translations
» Mechanical Engineering translations
» Automotive Engineering translations
» Mining Engineering translations
» Metallurgical Engineering translations
» Civil Engineering translations
» Electrical Engineering translations
» Computer Engineering translations
» Map Engineering translations
» Production Engineering translations
» Industrial Engineering translations

Financial Translation

Financial Translation has become unavoidable whether you have a small or large scale company in a developing Turkey. Nur Translation Office offers financial translation services at affordable prices with years of experience in banking, internet banking, insurance and various financial subjects. The use of the correct terms at the correct places and ensuring the integrity of the sentence is of vital importance in financial translations.
Preparing documents to EU standards is possible with the understandable, flowing use of language.
Nur Translation Office, offers services such as
» Translation of Financial Reports
»Translation of sales brochures,
» Economic Report translation,
» Translation of Financial Statements
» Translation of insurance documents,
» Translation of Market Research,
» Auditors’ Report translations,
» Policy etc. Translations,
» Profit & Loss Report translations
» Translation of documents such as Balance Sheets, Letters of Credit
» Translation of financial terminology on documents in investment and marketing fields.

Academic Translation

Academic Translation, is the translation of academic research, thesis or articles. Nur Translation Office, offers academic translation services with an expert staff specializing in academic translation services.
Academic Translation is not a basic translation service, as the academic terms used will be difficult for those who are not specialists, and this will prevent a perfect translation. Nur Translation Office, with its expert academic translator staff, will complete your academic translations in the best possible way.
Nur Translation Office, offers services such as:
» Academic article translation
» Article abstract translation
» Editing services,
» Academic translations in engineering and architectural field,
» Social Sciences academic translation,
» Scientific academic translation,
» Education Studies academic translation,
» Health Sciences academic translation,
» Fine Arts academic translation,
» Service is provided in academic translation in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is the translation of medical documents. An extremely important factor in medical translation is the translation being prepared by translators familiar with medical literature. In this respect, medical translation is considered one of the most difficult forms of translation.
In terms of the difficulty of medical translation, it requires professional translators familiar with the literature. Nur Translation Office, offers the highest quality medical translation services with its expert translator staff consisting mostly of academics. While an incorrect medical translation can have bad results in terms of health, from a legal standpoint it can also lead to irreversible consequences.
Medical translation including translation of medical reports on all subjects, expert reports, patient information, clinical reports, medical and pharmaceutical institution promotional texts and brochures, research and articles, dentistry, internal medicine, chest diseases, ophthalmology, eye diseases, heart, cardiac diseases, anesthesia, biostatistics, cardiology, diagnostics, endoscopy, traumatology, public health, toxicology, pathology, clinical trials regarding pharmacology, biochemical research, articles, medical product licenses and patents, pharmaceutical patents, theses – research, medical devices, use of medical equipment manuals carried out with care.
You can contact us for all your medical translations.

Legal Translation

Legal translations, are the language conversions of documents with legal validity, generally used in public institutions.
Nur English Translation Office;
Attorney translations, real estate purchase and sale and rental contracts translation, legal agreements, court decisions or translation of court documents, tender files, the translation of the necessary documents for patent applications, proposal letters, translation of credit and leasing documents;
Accurate, precise and rapid divorce decree legal translations, acquittance translations, Supreme Court decisions, legal translation of foreign and domestic legislation, wills, rogatory correspondence, passports and documents, documents such as letters of guarantee, legal translations of documents such as diplomas, identity, student certificates.
Consecutive interpretation services are also offered in courts with an expert and experienced staff.
Do not forget that a translation full of errors in the best case will be returned from the organization, and translations with different meanings can lead to the occurrence of unwanted situations.
If you do not wish to suffer a headache dealing with low quality translation offices, contact Nur Translation Office.

Commercial Translation

Do not put your commercial business at risk!
Experience is the most important issue in the translation of business documents. Nur Translation Office offers a smooth and seamless experience to companies with commercial translation services developed over the years.
Generally official authorities, in addition to the translation of commercial and official company documents, require notary public certification and apostille. In addition to the requirement for a sworn translator, for notary public sworn translation or apostille certification, translation quality has become a requirement.
You can contact Nur Translation Office for all your rapid, smooth and trouble free translation work.
Some commercial documents which we translate:
Commercial translation documents, signature circular, trade gazette translations, feasibility studies / reports, foreign trade documents, invoices, pro forma invoices, customs documents, annual balance sheets, income – expense statements, contracts, agreements, investment and growth reports / projects, activity documents, tender specifications, insurance policies, international commitments, proposals, accounting statements, equity research, corporate papers, correspondence, transcripts, signature circulars, financial reports..

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation means the consecutive rendering of an ongoing speech. Consecutive Interpreters work at the same table or area as the speaker, and renders the speech after a portion has been completed to the listeners.
In today’s world, the place of consecutive interpretation is undeniable. Naturally, consecutive interpreting is indispensable for companies and those in need. For this reason, Nur Translation Office offers consecutive interpretation services in all languages to you, our valued customers, with its expert staff. Consecutive interpreting costs are more affordable when compared with written translation due to the lack of requirement for technical equipment.
Nur Translation Office, offers consecutive interpretation and voice translation at the most affordable cost and with expert staff when you are at need, at official offices, such as the registry office, notary public etc.
You can contact Nur Translation Office for all your consecutive interpretation and other translation needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous translation literally means simultaneous interpretation. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter interprets the speech from the sound cabin using headphones and a microphone while the speaker continues to speak. The reason simultaneous interpretation is harder then other types of translation, is that the simultaneous interpreter interprets the speech while it is ongoing. Therefore simultaneous interpretation is far more difficult in comparison with other translations, and simultaneous interpretation has been accepted as one of the most difficult professions in the world.
Simultaneous interpretation has become an unavoidable requirement in developing world conditions and a growing Turkey. Nur Translation Office, offers the most affordable simultaneous interpretation prices to its customers with expert simultaneous interpreting staff. Simultaneous Interpretation is used mostly with English, which is now a global language. Nur English Translation Office, works to provide the very best service to your overseas guests with our expert English Simultaneous Interpretation staff during your meetings, and symposiums.
Simultaneous Interpretation, which has become a nightmare for companies due to poor quality translation offices and translators, ceases to be difficult with the professional, expert staff at Nur Translation Office. For all your simultaneous interpretation and other translation needs in all languages, please contact our office.

Notary Public Sworn Translation

Notary public sworn translation are translations carried out by expert translators whose expertise is certified by a notary public.

Nur Translation Office, with its specialist staff, offers trouble free sworn translation of your official documents such as certified diploma translations, sworn translations of transcripts, deed of consent translations, sworn translations of court orders, signature declaration sworn translation, sworn translations of criminal records issued by judiciary, sworn translations of population records prepared by the population directorate, sworn translations of tax boards, and sworn translations of trade registry gazette. Nur Translation Office, with affordable translation prices, offers sworn translation services in sworn translation and notary public certified sworn translation.

Nur Translation Office serves all your sworn translation needs with sworn translators in all languages.

About Us

Nur Translation Office was opened in 1999 in Bakırköy İstasyon Avenue.
And another branch was opened opposite Osmaniye Bakırköy Courthouse.
Nur Translation Office, which is still preparing to open new branches, has proven over the years to be a service provider whose quality has increased as it has grown.

Nur Translation Office, established with the principle of being “”The Most Modern Translation Office”, with years of experience, continually makes the claim of being the most experienced translator staff among all the translation offices.

Nur Translation Office, working in one hundred two languages with two thousand and five hundred translators with at least five years experience each; views every translation job as extremely important, and has never compromised on rapid, perfect, trouble free translation.

Nur Translation Office has kept customer satisfaction a priority; and has established a system where the price, and not the quality, is cheap.

From the first moment you begin working with Nur Translation Office, you will witness quality in both translation and bilateral relations in comparison with others, and will prefer Nur Translation Office for your future work instinctively.
If you wish to experience a perfect translation experience, without headache, human or legal issues, you can reach Nur Translation Office.