Technical Translation

Technical translations, are the translations of documents and articles prepared in the fields of mechanics, construction, chemistry, agriculture, architecture etc., containing technical information and terms. Technical translation is more difficult in comparison with other translations. As small errors can lead to a change of meaning and the emergence of a text which cannot be understood, an experienced staff is highly important in technical translations and all technical translation work. Nur Translation Office, with a staff familiar with specialist and technical terms, offers technical translation services in all languages and fields.
We provide translation services in a number of areas:
» User manual translations
» Technical Service Training Booklets translations
» Maintenance and Repair Manual and Guides translations
» Tender Document translations
» Device Booklets translations
» Catalog translations
» Proposal Document translations
» Engineering Document translations
» Mechanical Engineering translations
» Automotive Engineering translations
» Mining Engineering translations
» Metallurgical Engineering translations
» Civil Engineering translations
» Electrical Engineering translations
» Computer Engineering translations
» Map Engineering translations
» Production Engineering translations
» Industrial Engineering translations