Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation means the consecutive rendering of an ongoing speech. Consecutive Interpreters work at the same table or area as the speaker, and renders the speech after a portion has been completed to the listeners.
In today’s world, the place of consecutive interpretation is undeniable. Naturally, consecutive interpreting is indispensable for companies and those in need. For this reason, Nur Translation Office offers consecutive interpretation services in all languages to you, our valued customers, with its expert staff. Consecutive interpreting costs are more affordable when compared with written translation due to the lack of requirement for technical equipment.
Nur Translation Office, offers consecutive interpretation and voice translation at the most affordable cost and with expert staff when you are at need, at official offices, such as the registry office, notary public etc.
You can contact Nur Translation Office for all your consecutive interpretation and other translation needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous translation literally means simultaneous interpretation. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter interprets the speech from the sound cabin using headphones and a microphone while the speaker continues to speak. The reason simultaneous interpretation is harder then other types of translation, is that the simultaneous interpreter interprets the speech while it is ongoing. Therefore simultaneous interpretation is far more difficult in comparison with other translations, and simultaneous interpretation has been accepted as one of the most difficult professions in the world.
Simultaneous interpretation has become an unavoidable requirement in developing world conditions and a growing Turkey. Nur Translation Office, offers the most affordable simultaneous interpretation prices to its customers with expert simultaneous interpreting staff. Simultaneous Interpretation is used mostly with English, which is now a global language. Nur English Translation Office, works to provide the very best service to your overseas guests with our expert English Simultaneous Interpretation staff during your meetings, and symposiums.
Simultaneous Interpretation, which has become a nightmare for companies due to poor quality translation offices and translators, ceases to be difficult with the professional, expert staff at Nur Translation Office. For all your simultaneous interpretation and other translation needs in all languages, please contact our office.

Notary Public Sworn Translation

Notary public sworn translation are translations carried out by expert translators whose expertise is certified by a notary public.

Nur Translation Office, with its specialist staff, offers trouble free sworn translation of your official documents such as certified diploma translations, sworn translations of transcripts, deed of consent translations, sworn translations of court orders, signature declaration sworn translation, sworn translations of criminal records issued by judiciary, sworn translations of population records prepared by the population directorate, sworn translations of tax boards, and sworn translations of trade registry gazette. Nur Translation Office, with affordable translation prices, offers sworn translation services in sworn translation and notary public certified sworn translation.

Nur Translation Office serves all your sworn translation needs with sworn translators in all languages.