Our translation fees vary according to the language of translation and the type of document.
Nur Translation & Interpreting, carries out pricing in accordance with the 492 numbered Fees Act.
By law, a document written on an A4 sheet in size 12 font, consisting of 20 (twenty) lines, is accepted as a single page.
A one page document, when prepared by computer, comes to approximately 1000 characters or 140 – 180 words.
Pricing is done not on the original document, but on the target language.
• Translation fees do not include notary public fees.
• Notary fees are charged separately by the relevant notary public.
• A discount may be offered on multiple pages of translation.
For translation – translation rates, sworn translation – translation rates, notary public sworn translation – translation rates, general and technical written translation, please contact us via the above number or by e-mail.