Medical Translation

Medical translation is the translation of medical documents. An extremely important factor in medical translation is the translation being prepared by translators familiar with medical literature. In this respect, medical translation is considered one of the most difficult forms of translation.
In terms of the difficulty of medical translation, it requires professional translators familiar with the literature. Nur Translation Office, offers the highest quality medical translation services with its expert translator staff consisting mostly of academics. While an incorrect medical translation can have bad results in terms of health, from a legal standpoint it can also lead to irreversible consequences.
Medical translation including translation of medical reports on all subjects, expert reports, patient information, clinical reports, medical and pharmaceutical institution promotional texts and brochures, research and articles, dentistry, internal medicine, chest diseases, ophthalmology, eye diseases, heart, cardiac diseases, anesthesia, biostatistics, cardiology, diagnostics, endoscopy, traumatology, public health, toxicology, pathology, clinical trials regarding pharmacology, biochemical research, articles, medical product licenses and patents, pharmaceutical patents, theses – research, medical devices, use of medical equipment manuals carried out with care.
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