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Cevizlik Mah.
İstasyon Cad.
Cemal İşhanı Kat:1 No:5
Phone  : +90 212 660 82 18
Mobile       : +90 554 724 43 60
Fax      : +90 212 542 57 77
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You can contact Nur Translation by completing the form below, and submit documents.


Nur Translation Office, by prioritizing customer satisfaction, has adopted the principle of keeping customer information confidential as a company principle.
Nur Translation Office does not, under the framework of commercial and human morals, share customer information with third parties individuals or companies.
Nur Translation Office commits to signing a mutual confidentiality agreement with your company or yourself upon request.
From the moment you begin working with Nur Translation Office, all your commercial activities, particularly your notary public sworn translations or sworn translation transactions, your information, any document or documents to be translated belonging to your company or yourself are considered trade or personal secrets.
Nur Translation Office does not archive commercial or personal documents. Following delivery of the work, it is irreversibly destroyed. The same is valid for notary public certified sworn translation or sworn translation work submitted in a digital environment.


Our translation fees vary according to the language of translation and the type of document.
Nur Translation & Interpreting, carries out pricing in accordance with the 492 numbered Fees Act.
By law, a document written on an A4 sheet in size 12 font, consisting of 20 (twenty) lines, is accepted as a single page.
A one page document, when prepared by computer, comes to approximately 1000 characters or 140 – 180 words.
Pricing is done not on the original document, but on the target language.
• Translation fees do not include notary public fees.
• Notary fees are charged separately by the relevant notary public.
• A discount may be offered on multiple pages of translation.
For translation – translation rates, sworn translation – translation rates, notary public sworn translation – translation rates, general and technical written translation, please contact us via the above number or by e-mail.

About Us

Nur Translation Office was opened in 1999 in Bakırköy İstasyon Avenue.
And another branch was opened opposite Osmaniye Bakırköy Courthouse.
Nur Translation Office, which is still preparing to open new branches, has proven over the years to be a service provider whose quality has increased as it has grown.

Nur Translation Office, established with the principle of being “”The Most Modern Translation Office”, with years of experience, continually makes the claim of being the most experienced translator staff among all the translation offices.

Nur Translation Office, working in one hundred two languages with two thousand and five hundred translators with at least five years experience each; views every translation job as extremely important, and has never compromised on rapid, perfect, trouble free translation.

Nur Translation Office has kept customer satisfaction a priority; and has established a system where the price, and not the quality, is cheap.

From the first moment you begin working with Nur Translation Office, you will witness quality in both translation and bilateral relations in comparison with others, and will prefer Nur Translation Office for your future work instinctively.
If you wish to experience a perfect translation experience, without headache, human or legal issues, you can reach Nur Translation Office.