Website Translation

According to research; the rate of trust in a web site which people can read in their own languages and the rate of working with the website owners, is four times higher than those not offering that facility.
» Over a billion people have access to web sites written in languages other than Turkish.
» Over fifty percent of web users speak a language other than English and Turkish.
» In the event a website is in their own language, visitors spend a greater amount of time on the website. (website return rate – visit duration is increased)
When these factors are examined, for companies that want to expand into the world, website translation is a requirement. When considering that English, French, German, Arabic and Chinese are the most widespread spoken languages in the world, the translation of websites into these languages is no longer a need but a requirement.
Nur Translation Office, with its expert staff, is the correct choice for the accurate translation of web sites into any desired target language.