Legal Translation

Legal translations, are the language conversions of documents with legal validity, generally used in public institutions.
Nur English Translation Office;
Attorney translations, real estate purchase and sale and rental contracts translation, legal agreements, court decisions or translation of court documents, tender files, the translation of the necessary documents for patent applications, proposal letters, translation of credit and leasing documents;
Accurate, precise and rapid divorce decree legal translations, acquittance translations, Supreme Court decisions, legal translation of foreign and domestic legislation, wills, rogatory correspondence, passports and documents, documents such as letters of guarantee, legal translations of documents such as diplomas, identity, student certificates.
Consecutive interpretation services are also offered in courts with an expert and experienced staff.
Do not forget that a translation full of errors in the best case will be returned from the organization, and translations with different meanings can lead to the occurrence of unwanted situations.
If you do not wish to suffer a headache dealing with low quality translation offices, contact Nur Translation Office.